A Smart for Four Review for One, Please?

A Smart ForFour review for one, please?

The ForFour’s best bits revealed - perfect for city drivers

For style-conscious and city-bound drivers, the Smart ForFour is the ultimate choice for a leaser. The ForFour model is a bigger sibling of the little ForTwo – combining quirky styling with a more practical four-seat layout. Want to know more? Motorama takes a closer look at some of the best bits of this cheap leasing offer.

Smart has a reputation for producing fancy cars – the clue is in the name. And, even though on the surface it might just look like a small car, there’s a host of great features that make the ForFour a compelling choice for any city driver.


Cabin talk - Smart's ForFour Interior


The seats are comfortable and supportive, with all buttons and controls clearly labelled and easy to reach on the dash. Even better, steering wheel-mounted controls make life that little bit easier on the move, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel while making any necessary adjustments.

Despite the ForFour’s size, you have a clear view of the road ahead thanks to its large windscreen and thin pillars. Upgrade your ForFour to the Premium package, which adds rear parking sensors and a rear parking camera to improve your all-round visibility.

You’ll find a multi-function 3.5-inch digital, colour display in the middle of the speedometer that shows useful driver information on-the-go. Use Bluetooth and the 12V power sockets in the centre console to keep you connected with the outside world and listen to your own beats on the move.

Premium models even offer a 7.0-inch infotainment screen, with sat nav and MirrorLink, displaying a replica of your smartphone’s screen on the car’s clever touchscreen.


In the driving seat of the Smart ForFour


The ForFour is a sprightly little car. With the same three-cylinder petrol engine as the ForTwo – a conventional 1.0-litre unit and a turbo-charged 0.9. And, the size of the engines available mean that running costs are low.

While the ForFour is no sports car, the rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive chassis make it incredibly manoeuvrable. With an 8.65m turning circle, parking in tight spaces and nipping in and out of busy traffic is a complete doddle.

Plus, getting in and out of the ForFour’s front seats is easy thanks to the car’s wide-opening doors – even a tall adult will feel at home in the driving seat.


Practically perfect small city car


With a boot-space of 185 litres, it’s not the roomiest boot in the class but it’s still got the capacity to carry a few shopping bags and other bits and bobs. And, if you desperately need more space, simply fold the back seats flat and you’ll free up 975 litres of luggage capacity.

The front passenger seat can even collapse too, giving you a 2.2-metre-long load bay for transporting any long, awkward purchases back from IKEA!

That’s just a little taster of what you get when you drive the Smart ForFour. The car that’s designed to perform at its best on city streets – its funky-looking cabin is a bonus. So, if you’re in the market for a punchy, little motor, the Smart ForFour is the one to go for.

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