Confused About Car Leasing Jargon?

Confused about car leasing jargon?

Leasing jargon made simple

PCP this and PCH that…the car leasing deals jargon can get confusing, especially when you’re faced with hundreds of different deals with all sorts of different language. Understanding all the lingo before making your choice is important because you want to know that you’ve made the right deal for you. Motorama’s Laura Day reports.

You’re not the only one that’s totally baffled by the jargon around leasing. Did you know that 47% of respondents in a recent survey claimed they knew what PCP meant, but didn’t know the real definition at all – over half of them (56%) got it wrong when asked!

So, if people don’t know what it means…how likely are they to fully understand all the leasing jargon associated with it?

We’re here to put you in the driving seat (in more ways than one), so that when you make that all-important decision, you know exactly what’s what!

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