Top 3 family cars that will make you want to upgrade your hatchback to an SUV

Top 3 family cars that will make you want to upgrade your hatchback to an SUV

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If you’ve got a family and you’re currently driving a small car, it’s probably about time to start looking for a family wagon. Let’s face it…you’re going to need a bigger boat! Motorama’s Laura Day reveals the top 3 family cars you should consider upgrading to.

It’s become a right of passage nowadays for parents to upgrade their small car to something a bit more practical and suitable for family life when the time comes. They need a car that can cater for their child’s every need – more space in the boot for a pram, toys and the weekly shop.

And, just because family cars need to be practical, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun to drive. With the recent explosion of SUVs and crossovers, here’s 3 of the best to help you narrow down your choices.


The Nissan Qashqai – the ultimate trendsetter

Nissan Qashqai

Let’s kick off with the Nissan Qashqai. Launching in 2008, the Qashqai established the brand-new segment of crossover, offering the practicalities of an SUV but with the running costs of a hatchback. But, what is it that consistently draws parents to the Qashqai?

This year’s new Qashqai took leaps forward in its in-car tech. The all-new ProPILOT feature makes this family wagon all about you – the driver. From dealing with those traffic jams to helping you keep your distance on the motorway, the Qashqai has got your back, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride…well, sort of. Obviously, you can’t let go of the steering wheel (because that’s illegal), but it certainly takes the pressure off you in the driving seat.

And, speaking of smart tech – how does Intelligent Park Assist and Driver Awareness Technology sound to you? It’s the little things that make a big difference when it comes to those long journeys with your children, and anything that can take the pressure off you is a bonus.

As ever, the Qashqai remains a strong a choice when it comes to space. It’s the roomy wagon fit for any family, with lots of head room and leg room for mum, dad and the kids too.


The Range Rover Evoque – a not-so-little slice of luxury

Range Rover Evoque

Moving on to the premium SUV that drives like a dream and makes you feel like a million dollars when you’re behind the wheel.

It’s the baby of the Range Rover line-up. The Evoque is designed to offer the appeal of the company’s prestige, rolled into a smaller, stylish and more affordable package for families. The minimalist styling only makes this car an even more desirable bundle.

The newest key feature of the Evoque is the unique Meridian Audio System which delivers the most authentic and immersive sound possible. This device has 10 speakers built-in, bringing you crystal-clear music to keep you and the kids entertained for hours. Why bother going to a live show when you can get music quality THIS good whilst sat in your car?

And, with the InControl technology linking your Range Rover Evoque to the outside world – you’ll always be connected while you’re on the go. Spotify is even included for free within some new models – that’ll keep the children happy.

Even better, luggage capacity can be expanded to a whopping 1,445-litres whenever you need it – perfect for those Christmas holiday trips to visit your family.


The Hyundai Tucson – the school run special

Hyundai Tucson

Slotting right into place in the family crossover category, the Hyundai Tucson is built from the ground up to be a reliable and solid SUV – a great family car thanks to its spacious cabin and impressive range of equipment.

The Tucson is in line with all the new Hyundais, bringing a fresh and unique touch to a well-established brand, this time with a series of enhancements to the driving experience.

Its interior design has also been refreshed with new technology and convenience features too, such as: autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist and driver attention warning. The Tucson has even got a 7-inch infotainment screen, supporting Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can keep the kids quiet in the back on those longer journeys.

The Tucson has had a complete facelift too – the grille has had a touch up with the new, sweeping LED headlights making for a bold and fierce vibe to complete the look. And at the rear, the car is now fitted with new rear taillights, bumper and muffler.


Dawn of the SUV age

Don’t panic – there’s plenty of family-friendly cars out there, you just need to discover which one is your perfect match. Browse our cars here to help you decide.

The Nissan Qashqai, Range Rover Evoque and Hyundai Tucson all provide good value, practicality and space. And when they look THAT good…you’ve got a tough choice on your hands.

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