Find Out If You Can Lease A Brand-New Car

Check your likelihood of being accepted for credit on a new car lease without affecting your credit score


Your credit score will not be affected

Why Use Our Car Lease Eligibility Checker?

Find out if you’ll be accepted for credit with no impact on your credit score
Get an instant answer
It’s free and easy
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How Does It Work?

What Do Our Customers Think?

More than 1000 people use our eligibility check each week to find out their likelhood of getting accepted for credit on a new lease

What Do Our Customers Ask?

How accurate is it?

We've worked with Experian to get an accuracy rating of 98%. this means we're confident that the likelihood we give you can be trusted.

How long does it take to get an answer?

After you fill in the form, or scan your licence, it takes just a few seconds for the answer to appear.

Hows does it affect my credit score?

Using the data provide, we carry out a soft search with Experian to determine the likelhood of you getting credit with our funders. It leaves no mark on your credit record

What happens after I've recieved an answer?

The result is a percentage likelhood of being accepted for credit or a leased car. For example, if you get 90% then you are likely to be approved for a new lease vehicle, so go ahead and start your application!