Our Mileage Buffer Is Available on All Lease Cars

Want to lease a brand-new car, but worried about going over your mileage limit?

STOP worrying and START finding out how our mileage buffer will help you drive the car of your dreams, worry-free.

Our research shows that excess mileage charges are one of the biggest concerns customers face when it comes to deciding whether to lease a car or not. We make the decision easy for you, because now you can enjoy your brand-new car worry-free. Sound good?

What is a mileage buffer?

Our unique mileage buffer protects customers from getting stung by excess mileage charges at the end of their lease. Think of the buffer as an airbag to absorb the impact and prevent you from paying extra!

We care about our customers, and we want to stop you spending any more than you have to. The buffer takes the worry out of leasing because you’ve got 1,000 extra miles on the clock, should you happen to need them.


Give me an example

Let’s imagine that you go over your agreed mileage by 800 miles and receive an excess fee charged at 10 pence per mile, (this is the average excess mileage charge but will vary depending on your car model and funder).

The mileage buffer would save you around £80. You could buy a flight to Amsterdam with that money!


How do I claim?

If you go over the contracted mileage stated at the start of your car lease, the funder will charge you based on those excess miles and deduct the amount via direct debit from your account shortly after you hand the vehicle back. They calculate the charge based on the number of miles over your contracted mileage multiplied by the per-mile charge.

We have good news though...if you do go over your mileage and incur a charge, Motorama will reimburse you for up to 1,000 excess miles. Here's what you need to do.

  1. When your lease agreement ends, and the funder has deducted the final mileage charge from your bank account, you’ll receive a final statement from the funder outlining the excess miles and the charge (this could be an email or letter) - you will need this official paperwork to be able to claim.
  2. To make a claim, complete the form below and attach a copy of the official statement/bill/email mentioned above. It is important that it is an official document from the funder and all information is clear and visible.
  3. We will process your claim, contact you to gather bank details and process your reimbursement.

It’s that simple!

Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.


Excess Mileage Claim Form