What we do is very simple: we make driving your dream car a reality.

Let's boil it all down. Motorama is a car leasing company - we find out what car you want to drive, then we match you to the perfect finance product so you can do just that. Here's a quick look at the finance product:

  • Personal Contract Hire: You discover which car you want, decide what size initial rental you want to pay, then you enjoy your new car and pay your monthly rentals for the agreed time. At the end of your contract the vehicle will be collected by your funder, and you can come back to Motorama and choose your next car. 

And you'll need to insure your vehicle too...but why would you want to go to another company when you could arrange it through us too? Whether you're ordering online through My Motorama, Carli the chatbot, or over the phone, you can get the car you want AND insure it! 

That's right, we can help you with everything you'll ever need to get you behind the wheel of that car you never thought you could afford. And we'll do it in the most cost-effective, hassle-free way possible so that you'll keep coming back again and again. 

For more information on how we protect you, take a look at our 8 Point Price Protection Promise